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Is that cookies and cream on Mars? No, it's just polar dunes dusted with ice and sand. A recent photo taken by the Curiosity rover shows its current location, known as "Teal Ridge. Cooled lava helped preserve a footprint of where dunes once moved across a southeastern region on Mars. But it also looks like the "Star Trek" symbol. InSight's seismometer recorded a "marsquake" for the first time on April 6, A photo of a preserved river channel on Mars, taken by an orbiting satellite, with color overlaid to show different elevations.

Blue is low and yellow is high.

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NASA has been exploring Mars since Here are some of the best moments captured by Mars missions over the years. The European Space Agency's Mars Express mission captured this image of the Korolev crater, more than 50 miles across and filled with water ice, near the north pole. It displays the lander's solar panels and deck. On top of the deck are its science instruments, weather sensor booms and UHF antenna. This perspective of Mars' Valles Marineris hemisphere from July 9, , is actually a mosaic comprising Viking Orbiter images.

At the center is the Valles Marineris canyon system, over 2, kilometers long and up to 8 kilometers deep. Rovers can take selfies, too. This self-portrait of the Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at the Quela drilling location in the Murray Buttes area on lower Mount Sharp.

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Mars is far from a flat, barren landscape. Nili Patera is a region on Mars in which dunes and ripples are moving rapidly.

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HiRISE, onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, continues to monitor this area every couple of months to see changes over seasonal and annual time scales. What are blueberries doing on Mars?

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The area shown is 1. The view comes from the microscopic imager on Opportunity's robotic arm, with color information added from the rover's panoramic camera.

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These minerals suggests that Mars had a watery past. Mars is known to have planet-encircling dust storms. These images from NASA's Mars Global Surveyor orbiter show a dramatic change in the planet's appearance when haze raised by dust-storm activity in the south became globally distributed. Curiosity took images on September 9, , of Mount Sharp, a hematite-rich ridge, a plain full of clay minerals to create a composite and rounded buttes high in sulfate minerals.

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